Mission Statement

Our Misson Statement
To provide a quality, reliable and professional volunteer Community First Responder scheme in support of East Midlands Ambulance Service to members of our local communities within the villages of Misterton, West Stockwith, Walkeringham, Beckingham cum Saundby, Gringley on the Hill and surrounding localities.
Our Aims and Objective
- To provide the maximum amount of cover possible using a rota system to give a "First Response" to life threatening and serious emergency calls within our coverage area in support of East Midlands Ambulance Service.
- To promote the development of the volunteer Community First Responder scheme within the local community to gain continued interest and support.
- To recruit new volunteer members to maintain and enhance the service offered to the local community.
- To continually develop the knowledge and experience of volunteers within the scheme through appropriate training, hands on experience and observation opportunities in partnership with East Midlands Ambulance Service, allowing the provision of high quality care to patients.
- To work as an effective team and to provide care and post incident support to other volunteer team members whenever required.
- To take part in fund raising activities and publicity to attract funding to ensure that the scheme is appropriately funded to enable it's continuing operational viability and to manage all funding appropriately.
- To develop and maintain quality operational relationships with East Midlands Ambulance Service, other Emergency Services and other local organisations, business and individuals within the local area.
- To promote where possible awareness of basic life support and CPR to members of the public.
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